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英検テキスト(3〜5級)・Spectrum Math 月間学習一覧・クラス別必要教材一覧

Baby&Me(未就園児:ママと一緒:50分)Abc Song CDMorning PreAbc Song CD
Little Pumpkin Text Book(Pink)
Little Pumpkin(幼稚園:50分)Abc Song CD
Little Pumpkin Text Book(Pink)Stars T-shirts
Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)Morning Kinder K1Abc Song CD
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)
Punpkin Jr. (小学1〜3年:1時間)Abc Song CDBig Kindergarden Workbook
Jolly Phonics Text Book Set
Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)連絡帳2冊セット
Stars Kinder制服
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)
Pumpkin(小学3〜6年:1時間)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.2(Orange)Morning Kinder K2Abc Song CD
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.2(Orange)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)
英検5級テキストBig Kindergarden Workbook
Jolly Phonics Text Book Set
Big Pumpkin(小学アドバンス:1時間)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.3(Blue)Brain Quest P
(Brain Quest P早い段階で終わったらScholastic Phonics Book K)
Stars Kinder制服
Afternoon Kinder・SAT Morning Kinder(幼稚園:2時間)Abc Song CD
Little Pumpkin Text Book(Pink)Morning Kinder K3Abc Song CD
Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)Big Kindergarden Workbook
Jolly Phonics Text Book Set
Inter Jr.(小学1〜3年:2時間)Abc Song CDBrain Quest K
Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.1(Yellow)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.2(Orange)
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.1(Red)Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.2(Orange)
英検5級テキストStars Kinder制服
Spectrum Reading G1
Inter Kids(小学4〜6年:2時間)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.2(Orange)Basic Middle Kids(中高生:90分)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.3(Blue)
Pumpkin Jr. WorkBook Vol.2(Orange)英検4級テキスト
英検4級テキストEssential Grammar in Use
Spectrum Reading G1
Stars&Stripes(小学生アドバンス:2時間)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.3(Blue)Jr. High KIds(中高生:90分)Pumpkin Jr. TextBook Vol.3(Blue)
Spectrum Reading G1Essential Grammar in Use
Stars&Stripes 2(バイリンガル:2時間)〜進級のみSpectrum Math G3出る順パス単語英検準2級
Spectrum Reading G3
Spectrum Writing G3High Kids(中高生:90分)Essential Grammar in Use
Stars Returning 1(MK卒orバイリンガル〜土曜Jellyのみ)Spectrum Reading G1出る順パス単語英検2級
Spectrum Writing G1超基礎からのTOEFLテスト入門
Spectrum Math G3
Stars Returning 2(MK卒orバイリンガル〜土曜Jellyのみ)Spectrum Reading G2
Spectrum Writing G2
Spectrum Math G3


EIKEN 5 Yearly Lesson guide
Old bookNew book
April単語p. 8-9p.22-23
Mayあいさつp. 12-13p.18-19
JuneBe verbp. 16-17p.4-5
JulyBe verb questionsp. 20-21p.4-5
SeptemberThis, that, these, thosep. 42-45p.6-7
OctoberQuestion words 5wsp.50, 51p.10-11
November‘How’ questionsp. 70-73p.20-21
January一般動詞p. 26-29p.8-9, p.24
MarchCanp. 58-61p.14-15
EIKEN 4 Yearly Lesson guide
Old bookNew book
April単語Text pg. 6-9p.30-33
M ay〜ingText pg. 26-29p.8-9
June〜ing (question and sentence making)Text pg. 26-29p.8-9
JulyReading questionsText pg. 88, 93p.57, 60
SeptemberPrepositionsText pg. 46-49p.14-17
OctoberPast tenseText pg.30-33P.10-11
Novemberあいさつ greetingText pg. 70-73p.24
JanuaryReading questionsText pg. 106, 102p.104, 102
MarchComparisonText pg. 54-57p.18-19
EIKEN 3 Yearly Lesson guide
Old bookNew book
AprilComparison (er, est)Text pg. 20-23p.22-25
MayComparison (more, most)Text pg. 44-47p.22-25
June接続詞 ConjuctionText pg. 44-47p.38-41
JulyReading questionsText pg. 54-59p.64-69
SeptemberIdiomsText pg.30-33p.26-29
OctoberIdiomsText pg.30-33p.26-29
Print out from internetp.70-73
Decem berListening
JanuaryReading questionsText pg. 60-65p.58-63
FebruaryShallText pg. 16-19p.10-13
March関係代名詞Text pg. 40-43p.34-37
Math Monthly schedule
AprilTelling time(half passed,quarter to etc…)
MayScale of numbers. Reading big numbers(Hundred, thousands etc…)
Reading negative numbers
Rounding small numbers
JuneMeasuring liquid volume
Roughly go over (liters), (cups, pints, quarts, and gallons)
Then focus on (liters)
JulyDifferent ways of measuring length(inches, feet and yard), (mm, cm and m)
AugustMeasuring weight (g, mg, kg)
SeptemberTeach different types of graphs, the characteristics of each graph(bar graph, line graph, picture graph)
OctoberGeometry(teach the meaning of congruent, symmetrical, point, line, line segment, ray, angle)
(teach the meaning of face, edge, vertex/ corner in solid figures)
NovemberWord problems
DecemberReading Math symbols= is, is equal to, equals
+ added to, sum, and, plus
- subtracted from, difference, minus
x multiplied by, the product of, times
÷ divided by
JanuaryNames of plane figures and solid figures
FebruaryTemperature(degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit)
MarchCounting money
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